Jan 3, 2017 Her laboratory testing reveals an elevated AST and ALT and her focused High Yield for the Field - Cardiology Pearls (2/2): Electrical Storm.


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An AST/ALT ratio higher than 2:1 (where the AST is more than twice as high as the ALT) is suggestive of alcoholic liver disease. However, a disease cannot be diagnosed by the pattern of elevation alone. 2020-06-02 46 AST isn’t too high (normal range is 10–40) 116 ALT is a moderately raised, enough to do further test on, but not high enough to really start worrying over. Speak to your Doctor! They should explain things to you, and ease your wo 2009-05-19 2017-03-17 Higher than normal: Alcohol intake is the usual cause for elevated ast, if you drink, stop entirely and re do the test in 3 months. High ast can also be due to damage to muscles, heart and red cells.

Ast is high

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Marked Elevation of Aminotransferases When the alanine aminotransferase (ALT) is elevated 10 or more times the upper limit of reference (values lower than 40 U/l), it can be diagnosed the existence of acute liver injury, and in these cases should be initiated immediately the etiological study. 2020-11-18 · If your AST and ALT are higher than the 45 and 35 then they are said to be "elevated". And this is a big issue because by definition that means that you are experiencing some sort of liver damage. More important than just knowing that your liver function tests are elevated is figuring out why they are elevated, to begin with, and the picture behind their elevation. High AST levels can also be produced by some types of cancer, recent ingestion of high amounts of vitamin A, mononucleosis, and as a side effect of a long list of medications, including statins (anti-cholesterol medication), many antibiotics, chemotherapy, large doses of aspirin, barbiturates, and opioid drugs (narcotics).

Both AST and ALT are enzymes - proteins that accelerate chemical reactions. AST is non-specific to the liver; this means it can be found in other organs of the body, and its levels can be elevated for a number of different reasons, such as a heart attack, acute pancreatitis or some infections, like mononucleosis. ALT is also a non-specific enzyme. It can be elevated in clinical situations, such as muscle damage, disease, or the use of certain drugs.

AST Blood Test high A high value of the AST test is when the units per liter of serum value are higher than the normal range. This is a sign of liver damage; however, it may also mean damage to some other organs like heart or kidneys. It is also to be kept in mind that a higher level of these liver enzymes doesn’t necessarily be liver disease.

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Ast is high

A high AST reading may indicate that there is a liver damage however; the damage may not necessarily be caused by hepatitis C. If a test shows that there is high amount of AST but the ALT enzyme is normal, this may indicate that the cause for the increased levels of AST may be emanating from other parts of the body. What does elevated ALT and AST levels mean? Because AST is found in many other organs besides the liver, including the kidneys, the muscles, and the heart, having a high level of AST does not always (but often does) indicate that there is a liver problem. For example, even vigorous exercise may elevate AST levels in the body. 2019-03-14 · is ast of 37 and alt of 49 in blood something to be concerned about?

An increase of AST in the blood usually indicates damage to an organ, and the higher the level of AST in the blood, the greater the damage to the affected organ. Hello, I read in a post that if ALT is higher then AST that would mean Chirrosis is that true.
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Ast is high

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This is helpful in determining whether liver disease is what is causing results that are higher than normal. Some causes of high AST levels include blockage of a bile duct, kidney failure, chronic viral hepatitis, cirrhosis and hemolytic anemia. High levels of AST in the blood may indicate hepatitis, cirrhosis, mononucleosis, or other liver diseases. High AST levels can also indicate heart problems or pancreatitis.
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It is released into the serum when any one of these tissues is damaged. For example, AST level in serum is elevated in heart attacks or with muscle injury.

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Very high ALT levels (up to 50 times normal) suggest viral or severe drug-induced hepatitis, or other hepatic disease with extensive necrosis (death of liver cells). (AST levels are also elevated but usually to a lesser degree.)

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis. About a year later, my doctor called to say that my AST level was 93 and my ALT level was 232. This was cause for alarm so I went into the hospital. I am not a drinker but have fatty liver. CT scan, MRI, and ultrasound all looked normal but these levels remain high. An increase in AST levels may indicate liver damage or disease or muscle damage. Normal value of AST is 8 to 48 U/L. Alkaline phosphatase (ALP). ALP is an enzyme in the liver, bile ducts and bone.